Albuquerque Child Care Centers

There are many theories and approaches to child care and child development—and many day care centers that follow them. When you are selecting day care for your kids, it’s important to find a center whose approach to child care and development match yours. Some of the most common child & day care centers you will find include:

  • Head Start centers. Early Head Start and Head Start are nationally-funded programs that provide educational, health, nutritional, and other services to children of low-income families. Head Start is intended to set up children of families living in poverty for success in school. Enrollment in a Head Start program is mostly income-based with some other factors being considered.
  • Montessori primary centers. Montessori child care centers are intended as education centers. Montessori education is based on the belief that children should be free to direct their own learning. Montessori centers have mixed-age groups, and children have large blocks of open time to do activities and manipulate materials that familiarize them with language, math, and science concepts.
  • Home day care centers. Caregivers open their own homes to other kids.  Home child day care centers are licensed by New Mexico and must follow guidelines for health, safety and cleanliness. However, there is a lot of variation in the kinds of programs or activities children participate in. Some home day care centers merely provide babysitting services—children are safe and entertained, but there is no focus on educational development. Other home day care centers may have structured lessons.
  • Local child & day care centers. The majority of child care centers in Albuquerque, NM do not follow any one child development theory but provide educational programs to introduce new concepts and encourage a love of learning. Like home day care providers, local child care centers are licensed by New Mexico and follow health, safety, and cleanliness guidelines. Teachers are certified either by the State or another professional organization.

Kids Academy our child care center serving Albuquerque. Our kids come from very different families, so we provide a learning environment that showcases all the diversity in our society. All our loving caregivers are CCEI-certified and trained in CPR and First Aid. Our teachers create unique lessons and activities to engage kids in a variety of subjects, preparing them for school success.

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