Childcare Philosophy

When choosing childcare in Albuquerque, it’s important to know the attitudes and approaches your childcare providers have. You want to entrust the care of your child to someone whose educational philosophy in childcare matches your parenting philosophy.

Our Childcare Philosophy

At Kids Academy and Smiling Faces, we believe that self-concept is developed in early childhood. So, it’s very important that while in our care, each child feels valued as a person. We want to help each child’s self-esteem flourish and prepare them for real learning.
The environment at Kids Academy and Smiling Faces plays a big part in our educational philosophy. In our childcare centers, we recognize learning and having fun go hand in hand. Our New Mexico-certified teachers create a child-directed, play-oriented atmosphere full of age-appropriate hands-on activities to engage children. Our curriculum and activities promote all aspects of a child’s development:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Intellectual
  • Physical

In everyday occurrences we find opportunities to for children to learn, have fun and feel successful.

Celebrate Childhood

Your child is only a kid once. You don’t want them to grow up too fast, to miss opportunities to play and make friends. Soon enough they’ll be in regular school for the entire day. We all know the routine can sometimes stifle a child’s natural love of learning. That’s why we emphasize learning through play.

We take our job as quality childcare providers seriously, but that doesn’t mean your child has to be serious. At Kids Academy and Smiling Faces, we think classrooms filled with laughter and fun better prepare your child for school success because they learn to love learning. That’s our childcare philosophy.

For quality childcare in Albuquerque, NM, Call Smiling Faces at 505-296-0123 or Kids Academy at 505-237-1080 today!