Albuquerque Daycare Centers

To meet your needs, a daycare center must be convenient. To meet your standards, a daycare center must have facilities that are safe, clean, and kid-friendly. Smiling Faces and Kids Academy in the Enchanted Park-Oñate neighborhoods offer services to help you balance work and family demands and provide a home-like environment for your kids.

We’ll Pick up the Kids!

In many New Mexico families, the primary caregiver is working or going to school. But your schedule rarely coincides with the school day.  Smiling Faces and Kids Academy offer to/from school transportation to help you out. We have 2 vans that make morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up runs to these local elementary schools:

  • S.Y. Jackson
  • John Baker
  • Onate
  • Chelwood
  • Collet Park

Your Kids are Safe Here

Your kids’ safety is your main concern—ours too. We follow security practices and cleaning guidelines to keep your kids safe from threats you can see, and ones you can’t.

Smiling Faces and Kids Academy daycare centers use technology and our human resources to keep your children safe while in our care:

  • Security badge-activated door locks
  • 16-camera DVR-recorded video surveillance system (currently only at Kids Academy but coming soon to Smiling Faces)
  • Established check-in and check-out procedures to ensure that your child only goes home with you or someone you trust
  • Regular full-time receptionist at each Albuquerque, NM location who recognizes your child and the primary adults dropping them off and picking them up

We also follow all state and local guidelines for cleanliness and sanitization. We work hard to make sure all surfaces and materials in our daycare centers are clean to prevent the spread of germs to keep your child healthy!

Your Kids Love it Here

You have peace of mind know that your child is being cared for at a safe, clean place. You can also take comfort in knowing that your child enjoys their time at our daycare centers. Both Smiling Faces and Kids Academy have large playgrounds and classrooms that don’t look or feel like classrooms. When they’re with us, your children are fed nutritious snacks and meals.  Although we care for your child away from home, our daycare centers feel like home.

Call Smiling Faces at 505-296-0123 or
Kids Academy at 505-237-1080 to register your
child and tour our facilities today!