Loving, Nurturing Infant Child Care in Albuquerque

Infant CareAt Kids Academy, your baby will receive the nurturing, love and attention they need in order to develop cognitively, socially and physically. We want your child to receive the best preparation possible to help them succeed in their future academic endeavors. Our childcare assistance programs have extremely low turnover rates which have given us the honor of seeing Albuquerque children graduate into different levels of education for over 15 years.

We provide day long infant child care services that will keep your baby safe, comfortable and cared for.

Experienced, Nurturing Infant Child Care

Developing a baby’s physical, social and cognitive abilities is extremely critical during their first year of life. At our Kids Academy Albuquerque nursery, we provide Albuquerque baby’s with CCEI certified caregivers who love to nurture and provide compassionate care. At Kids Academy we ensure that your child receives the attention he or she needs to develop properly.

A Safe, Comforting Environment

Your baby’s safety is our top priority. At Kids Academy, our grounds are protected with security doors that require a badge to enter the premises. We routinely sanitize the nursery to minimize germs and your baby’s chances of getting sick. All of our childcare assistance programs provide quarterly CPR and First Aid training to keep our knowledge up-to-date.

Countless parents have complimented the atmosphere that we provide for their children. Our buildings offer a non-institutionalized feel. We are renowned for our home-like, safe and comfortable environment.

Advanced Cognitive Development

We provide two rooms for infants: a room for babies between the ages of 8 weeks and 1 year and a room for 1-2 year olds. We offer a program that introduces your baby to basic literacy skills. Being intentional about your child’s literacy skills greatly improves their chances of future academic success.

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