Albuquerque Toddler and Preschool Programs

preschool programKids Academy is an Albuquerque child care facility that has provided loving, educational and fun programs to children for over a decade. The facility contains a nursery and classrooms for infants, toddlers and preschoolers with the most qualified, loving caregivers.

New Ownership

Kids Academy has recently undergone a change of ownership. Tim and Julie Baca have owned and operated Smiling Faces for over 15 years and have purchased Kids Academy to expand the city’s access to quality Albuquerque child care.

Tim and Julie have learned how to provide love and education to children through raising 3 of their own. They love children and are committed to providing the most loving, educational care that will best prepare your child for kindergarten.

Kids Academy aims to provide children with an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a loving, nurturing home. Julie and Tim are known for their ability to provide compassionate, educational childcare in a non-institutionalized environment.

Safe, Educational Albuquerque Child Care Activities

We offer a nursery full of highly nurturing caregivers and age-appropriate activities to develop your toddler or preschooler’s cognitive and social abilities. Activities at Kids Academy may include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Movies
  • Playing Outside with Peers
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Activities in our Math, Science and Literacy Sections

Your child will not be pushed beyond their abilities. We uphold all state-mandated regulations and standards in our curriculum to ensure that your child enters kindergarten prepared.

Age-Appropriate Classrooms

A child learns how to take turns, share, communicate, accomplish tasks in teams and develop relationships through peer interaction. To promote healthy social development, our child day care center offers 5 classrooms that are broken up into the following age groups:

  • 8 Weeks to 1 Year
  • 1-2 Years
  • 2-3 Years
  • 3-4 Years
  • 4-5 Years

At Kids Academy your child will play and learn with other children their age which may result in friendships that last a lifetime.

Contact a Quality, Affordable Albuquerque Child Care Center

Kids Academy is a safe, clean and affordable child day care center with a fulltime cook who provides daily nutritious meals for healthy physical growth. Security doors keep your child safe. Keep up with the requirements of daily life with a child care center that keeps your child healthy and you free from worry. Contact us for FREE registration today!

Call 505-237-1080 for FREE registration and 5 FREE days a year!