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Our Mission and GoalsChildren Care

The goal of Smiling Faces and Kids Academy is simple: to provide quality child growth and development programs that will prepare children for their future endeavors. Our Albuquerque day care programs accomplish this by targeting your child’s emotional, physical, cognitive and social development.

Emotional Development

Quality care for children means paying attention to a child’s emotions. Our caregivers are CCEI certified and uphold the highest educational standards mandated by the state. They have an incredible love for children and provide them with the nurture, affection and support needed to develop healthily.

Physical Development

Proper child growth and development involves a safe, comfortable environment that pays attention to your child’s physical well being. At Smiling Faces and Kids Academy, we uphold high safety standards and regulations. Our facilities are regularly sanitized to prevent the spreading of germs; secure premises keep unwanted intruders from entering the grounds. Each caregiver is CPR and First Aid certified and undergoes quarterly training to keep their skills up-to-date.

To promote healthy physical growth, we have a fulltime cook who prepares nutritious meals and snacks. Our Albuquerque day care’s environment is reminiscent of a cozy home, not an institution so your child feels safe and comfortable every day.

Cognitive Development

Success in kindergarten depends upon proper cognitive development. The child growth and development programs at Smiling Faces and Kids Academy display dedication to your child’s cognitive growth. Our facilities contain math, science and literacy sections where your child engages in fun, educational activities that stimulate learning. We offer regular educational field trips and a program that will introduce infants to basic literacy skills.

Social Development

Developing your child’s social skills is crucial for healthy friendships, families and school and work lives. At Smiling Faces and Kids Academy, your child will regularly play and work with other children to develop the skills they need to succeed. They will learn how to take turns, share, communicate and accomplish tasks with their peers in a caring, supportive environment.

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Smiling Faces and Kids Academy are dedicated to your child’s health and overall development. We love seeing young child achieve their goals and develop into successful, happy adults. We are committed to providing the best quality care for children available to help your child smile their way through childhood. Contact us for FREE registration at a quality Albuquerque day care today!

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