Albuquerque Preschool Education

In our society, education is the key to a bright future. So it’s important to set your child up for educational success—even before they begin elementary school. The preschool education programs at Smiling Faces and Kids Academy will prepare your child for kindergarten and instill a love of learning that will last far beyond.

The Need for Preschool

The idea of preschool may at first seem silly: school to teach your kid how to go to school. But if you think a bit longer, it makes perfect sense. School teaches kids how to be good citizens, helps them understand the natural world and provides them with basic mathematic and language skills to function in the larger society. You do well in school when you pay attention, work together in groups, follow social cues that allow the classroom to run smoothly.  But who teaches your child those skills?  That’s what they learn in preschool.

Preschool Program

The preschool curriculum at Smiling Faces and Kids Academy gets your child ready for school with a wide variety of preschool activities. Our New Mexico-certified teachers develop structured lessons to get them used to a classroom environment. Your will notice your child getting better at listening, taking turns to talk, and giving signals when they have something to say.

Your child will also have a lot to report when you ask what they learned today. Our preschool education covers topics including:

  • English Literacy Skills
  • Spanish and Sign Language
  • Math
  • Science

The concepts introduced in structured lessons are supplemented with other preschool activities like:

  • Interactive computer games
  • Fun hands-on arts and crafts projects and
  • Field trips

Your child will also develop their motor and social skills during open play times.

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